Missing Hiker Chris Fowler

fowlerFor over a month there has been a massive search for Chris “Sherpa” Fowler who is a thru-hiker on the Pacific Crest Trail. He was last seen at White Pass on October 12th. There’s a ton of information on the Facebook: Find Chris Fowler Page. My heart goes out to Chris’ family. It’s always difficult hearing these stories. The PCT is such a wonderful trail and if you have ever hiked more than 500 miles in one summer, there’s a camaraderie amongst hikers. It’s more than that. It’s an unspoken understanding that we are following our dreams. Our mind is clear. We are living in the now and we have a captivating story to share, and that story might have happened an hour ago! The thru-hiker connection is another tribe as I like to call it. My musician friends are a tribe. My Jewish family and friends… that’s another tribe all together. It’s connection. Community. Have you ever hung out with skiers, climbers, hikers, bikers, musicians, rabbis, beatniks, farmers, lawyers, motorcyclists, blacksmiths, or bartenders? They all have their own language! Tribes. So when I hear about a lost hiker, I consider that person one of my own. I don’t know Chris, but I bet I’d enjoy his company. Fact is, summer of 2012 I met lots of amazing people on the PCT. I didn’t expect that. In fact I had no expectations what so ever. Well, other than to hike the entire trail.

Never give up hope. I have seen miracles before. We should not stop searching for our lost brother. I posted an update on Turns All Year. This is a large group of backcountry enthusiasts who are dedicated to backcountry skiing. We can actually ski all year round here in Washington state. Many of these folks (including myself) ski in the Chinook Pass, Crystal Mountain, and White Pass areas quite frequently. So, I repeat. Never give up. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Fowler family.

Love, Gourmet


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