Pacific Crest Trail Book by Barney Mann

Howdy Folks, I wanted to alertyou to a new book about the Pacific Crest Trail. Barney “Scout” Mann, longtime PCTA board member and trail angel has produced a beautiful coffee table book with amazing stories, and a comprehensive history of the trail. I had heard about this book almost a year ago, and kept the October 9th on my calendar to order a copy. The pages are thick and well made and there’s even a custom map of the trail included in the book. I have been really enjoying reading more about the PCT’s unique characters that have shaped the trail over the years. Somehow it has reinvigorated nostalgia of my own thru-hike in 2012. People often ask me if I would hike the trail again. Why not? After all its the most beautiful long trail in the world. When I say that I don’t exactly mean the views are nice. They are. I mean is the actual trail itself is an amazing place to be. Any of it. But while we are skiing this winter or planning for summer adventures seriously, check out this book. The proceeds go back to the PCTA. In fact buy a second one as a gift.


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