What Happened To Everett Ruess?

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-3-37-50-pmThe disappearance of Everett Ruess remains one of the most interesting mysteries in US history. Everett was  quite an accomplished poet, painter, and writer. He spent a considerable amount of time hiking in the Southwest around the early 1930s. There are so many stories about his disappearance, it is very difficult to know exactly what became of him. A few years back my favorite outdoor writer David Roberts wrote a book called “Finding Everett Ruess.” Roberts does a beautiful job highlighting Reuss’ artistic accomplishments while telling the fascinating tale of his disappearance and the myriad of attempts to find Ruess over as many decades. If you want an exciting outdoor mystery book, this is the one for you. After I finished, I looked for the now out of print “A Vagabond For Beauty” by W.L. Rusho. This book while far less exciting, offers more of Everett’s letters to his family which are honest and lovely, and much more of his artwork. I think that there is no doubt, that had Reuss lived longer than his short 20 or 21 years, he could have been one of the most important American conservationists/writers. I think about him often, as his a way with words often seems to describe the way I feel about wilderness. Enjoy! -Gourmet


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