Our Hiking Language

“Getting Blached” When you get dusted by cars.

“Snilching”- snacking or eating

“Ball dip” – A very quick swim in cold water to cleanse your chi.

“Long Tall Sally”- A way to extend your walking gate to make easier miles.

“Danglers”- Two meanings. 1. Very steep trail made by ancient hikers who didn’t believe in cutting switchbacks when constructing a trail. 2. Any gear hanging off of a backpack.

“Boots On The Ground”- hard hiking

“Bee Ball”- swatting meat bees with smart water bottles.

“Dry Turkey”- Any very dry land or dry water cache.

“Bucket Foot” – When your feet rot and smell horrible.

“Parasol”-another name for an umbrella. I just like it, cause nobody says that.

“Samsquanch” -Another name for Sasquach. I borrowed this from some crazy Canadians. Go figure.

“Boot Juice”- What you get when you ring out your shoes.

“Lips down” -The place on trail where you don’t want to be.

“Dryer Sheets” – Weekend warriors who just hit the trail that day. You can smell their perfume. Whew…

“Stagger Stabilizers”- Trekking poles used at night.

“Trail Riding”- A combination of parkour, surfing, and snowboarding on trail! Trail riders are encouraged to have their own “trail riding names” and to employ sports announcers to call the game. (your fellow hikers with their best Howard Cosell impression.) There’s only one rule regarding trail riding: “Safety first!”

“Off the couch”- Code for: I didn’t do any training for this hike.

“Battling The Elves”- Code for: a long hard climb up a hill. The word elevation or “els” quickly became battling “elves”. Because any reference to Lord of The Rings while hiking is encouraged.